Stuff that folds (and works)

DM is one of my favourite channels and I've produced some pieces for some great brands. This is the AAMI Derby Day 'Hold on to your Hat' Competition Campaign, including a premium feel DM piece with a low budget CPU (That last bit keeps client services happy).

To create a money can’t buy reward opportunity
for AAMI home insurance customers we teamed up with TV renovation guru Shaynna Blaze to create the ultimate home renovation prize. Creating the tape measure DM piece on a very small budget was a challenge – sometimes it helps to be familiar with some obscure printing processes! It even picked up an award for the printer.

And sometimes if a client likes what you do,
they give you a crack at it the following year, 
so here's the next year's vintage-travel-themed
AAMI Derby Day Competition piece.

I was creative leader on this piece which uses clever personalization and interactivity to announce Specsavers' great choice of designer glasses. Just turn the wheel to check them out.


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